Hike Leaders Instructions



Thank you for volunteering to lead a hike.  A fun activity, made easier by this handy checklist.
• Send the hike-description write-up to Oakmont News
correspondent Tony Lachowicz
(tlachowicz16@hotmail.com) and OHC webmaster Martin
Johns (info@oakmonthikingclub.com), or to the director
overseeing the hike, as instructed, no later than the deadline
listed in the 6-month schedule posted
under “Current Scheduled Hikes”.
• Prehike the trail if necessary. Ascertain whether there are
toilets at the trailhead and/or along the route of the hike.
• Obtain a map from the park or the park’s website.
• If possible, plan the hike so that most of the uphill portion
occurs before lunch.
• If driving out of the immediate area, have printed driving
instructions for all drivers, and include your mobile phone
• If you don’t have a first-aid kit to take on the hike, make sure
someone else does.

• Arrive in the Berger parking lot 15 minutes before the designated
departure time.
• Make sure everyone signs the sign-up sheet and take an
accurate headcount.
• Have any new hiker sign the disclaimer form, and make sure
the email address is legible.
• Give a brief explanation of the hike and say whether there’s a
toilet at the trailhead.
• Solicit volunteer drivers and make sure everyone has a ride.
• If going out of the area, obtain the mobile phone numbers
from the drivers.

• At the trailhead, give any additional instructions, as
• If the group is large enough, designate a sweep.
• During the hike, you should be in front. If faster hikers are in
the group, you may allow them to go ahead so long as they
agree to remain within earshot.
• At EVERY trail intersection, stop for all hikers to catch up –
and catch their breath – before proceeding.
• Try to arrive at the lunch spot by noon.
• Give the sign-up sheet and disclaimer form(s) to Chuck
• At the conclusion of the hike, be gracious while accepting
everyone’s thanks.