Hiker’s Badge Order Form

Name:      ________________________________________________________

Address:  ________________________________________________________

Phone:     ________________________________________________________

E-Mail:    ________________________________________________________


Safety Pin:  $10.00 each

Name(s) on each badge:  (Please print clearly.)

_____________________________        ____________________________

Magnetic Back:  $14.00 each,

Name(s) on each badge:  (Please print clearly.)

_____________________________      _____________________________

Please email the form or the above information to : dmcculloch2986@gmail.com or call: 539-5730 to order.

See order form for prices and details.

Make checks payable to Oakmont Hiking Club.  Drop off with the order form in the OHC folder, or mail them to:

 Hiking Club, c/o OVA, 6637 Oakmont Dr., Suite A

Prices are batch ordered prices, so it may take time to get enough orders together.  If you want to express order, please add $5.95 for shipping.